The Favorite Study Guide by Daniel & Kathy Bernard

The Favorite Study Guide by Daniel & Kathy Bernard

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One brother fights for his life, the other fights to be the favorite.


Favoritism and its consequences are as old as Cain and Abel in the Old Testament. As we have spoken in various churches, we have asked by a show of hands, "When growing up, was favoritism an issue in your family?" Invariably, almost every hand was raised. It is a problem that each and every family group must deal with. It takes true character to avoid the pitfalls of favoritism and make changes to improve family relationships.

This workbook is intended to assist readers in understanding where God stands when it comes to favoritism. In the book and movie, The Favorite, we see how even perceived favoritism between two brothers can have a negative effect on a family.

This study can be used in a church small group setting or a family going through the material together. We suggest doing so after viewing the movie to help in facilitating discussion. Feel at liberty to take longer than six weeks to go through this study.

This study will help those who have been hurt to learn how to reconcile differences and find answers. We pray that it not only will bring healing and forgiveness in families but will also help restore family relationships to prevent the effects of favoritism. We challenge those who go through this study to be open to what God speaks to them and then practically apply the principles shared.

For individuals just beginning a walk with Christ, this study is intended to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

          - Daniel and Kathy Bernard